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How does Today work with Google Classroom?
How does Today work with Google Classroom?

Discover how seamless it is to get students using Today while teachers use Google Classroom.

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Today is an organizational and planning workspace for students. It works in unison with Google Classroom giving students an easy-to-use space to plan and organize Google Classroom assignments that any of their teachers assign to them.

Assignments that are published to students from within Google Classroom will appear in real-time on students' Today dashboard, prompting them to plan when they would like to work on this assignment and how long they would like to spend on it. Any notes, attachments or URLs provided with the assignment will also appear directly on students' Today dashboard. 

Students also get the added benefit of seeing all of their assignments, both ongoing and completed, in one convenient location. They will have direct access to their Google Classroom classes directly from within Today, making submitting completed assignments a breeze. 

Teachers can continue to post in Google Classroom as usual without having to change things up. Today is a tool that gives students control of the workload their teachers assign.  

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