Reward Yourself
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The best part about getting stuff done is the satisfaction of knowing you did it! Take advantage of that feeling and celebrate it! Reward yourself with a cookie or with a bit of time doing something you really enjoy.

Maybe you spent an hour working on a project that was really tough and now it’s done. That’s fantastic. Don’t jump into something new right away, but rather, take the time to relish in your success. When you do this, you are actually sending signals to your brain to trigger happiness. If you do this often enough, your brain will start associating finishing homework and assignments to being happy… which means that you might actually start to enjoy doing your work eventually… imagine that, enjoying homework! Mind blown. 🤯

The tricky part here is to limit your reward. If you decide to eat cookies, then make sure to only eat two, not the whole box! If you are rewarding yourself by playing your favourite video game, then set a timer and limit yourself to 15 minutes before getting back to work. The key here is balance and control. 

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