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Troubleshooting Login Issues
Troubleshooting Login Issues

Here are some steps to take if you are not able to log into Today

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If you are unable to access Today and are stuck on an error page like this one, here are a few things you can try to do.

Note: these tips apply to the Google Chrome web browser. If you are using a different browser, contact us and we'll help you out.

Make sure you don't have an ad-block extension that could interfere with the login process

Some ad-block extensions can prevent a successful Sign in with Google authentication flow. In Chrome, navigate to chrome://extensions and look at what extensions you have installed. If you see anything that seems to be related to ad blocking, deactivate it and try logging into Today. If it works, you can re-enable your ad-block extensions but make sure to add to the whitelisted domains of your extension.

Log out of Today and log back in

If you see an error screen similar to this one, click on Sign Out and try logging into Today again. If you are asked to authorize Today to access you Google ressources, make sure to click Allow. Click here to learn more about the authorizations that Today requires.

Revoke Today's access to your Google account

If none of these solutions work, you can try revoking Today's access to your Google account before logging back into Today.

Go to your Google account permission settings and make sure that the proper account is selected in the top-right corner:

Then, select the Studyo Today app and click Remove Access:

Once this is done, close any browser tab in which Today is loaded, open a new tab to, and sign in with your Google Classroom account.

Make sure to Allow every authorization request that you are presented, else Today will not be able to function properly. Click here to learn more about the authorizations that Today requires.

Ask your G Suite domain administrator to whitelist (authorize) the Today app for your domain, or to do a domain install of the app

The Today app is available on the G Suite Marketplace. This makes it easy for domain administrators to authorize the app to be used by your students and teachers. Administrators can also install the app for everyone on your domain via the marketplace listing.

If all else fails, contact us!

Remember, you can always contact us using the chat bubble in the lower-right corner of your screen if you are having any issue with Today. It will be our pleasure to get you up and running with Today in no time!

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